County Treasurer

Debra James
Clay County Treasurer
1st Floor


Duties of the County Treasurer

The Treasurer is elected by vote of the county at large for a term of four years with a prohibition against serving more than two terms within 12 years. His office is provided for in the constitution. The Treasurer is also authorized to serve as the fiscal officer in some cities.
The functions of the Treasurer are to collect, to retain custody of, and to disburse county funds. He has charge of the collection of delinquent taxes (including sale of real property to taxes when authorized) and is required on a daily basis to enter all judgments paid in the appropriate record maintained in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. He collects local and state general property taxes for all units in the county. The Treasurer is required annually to send each person charged with taxes a statement of the amount of property tax owed.


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