Pandemic Closure

The Clay County Commissioners have announced that ALL County Offices and Departments will re-open to the public next Monday morning, May 18th.


Guidelines and procedures have been put into place for the re-opening of the offices and departments. All public members entering any of the buildings must wear a face mask. Each individual will need to provide their own face mask. Social distancing will be required in all offices and departments. Stay at least 6 feet between individuals. If there is a counter in the building, please stay 6 feet back from the counter or desk area. If someone is already in the office area, please wait outside the door until they are finished and are leaving.


You may enter or exit the Courthouse by using either the West or East Doors. Please keep your social distancing in the hallways of the Courthouse.


Hand sanitizers are located inside both doors to the Courthouse and in the other County buildings as well. Feel free to use those at any time—when entering and exiting the building. Also wash your hands as often as possible.


All of these measures are mandatory because we want to protect the general public as well as all of our County employees. No one deserves to contact this Virus, so let’s do our part to help keep everyone as safe as possible.


Even though all Clay County Offices and Departments will be open to the public, we urge you to call the office or department you need to work with to see if your problem/concern can be taken care of over the phone. We want to keep, at a minimum, the number of people going into the Clay County Offices and Departments to help protect all of our Clay County citizens.


If you are feeling ill, please stay home—do not go out anywhere including the grocery store or elsewhere. We all need to do our part to reduce and eliminate the Virus in Clay County. And, it will take all of us to do this.


The Commissioners encourage you to wear a face mask regardless of where you might be going. You may also want to wear plastic or rubber gloves. Protect yourself and others. The number of Virus cases in Clay County has been low and we want to keep it low.


The rules and procedures for the County Offices and Departments are in effect now and until further notice. Now is not the time to let our guard down. All of us must continue to use the safety measures as recommended by the State Department of Health and the CDC.


If you have not already paid your County taxes, you may do so beginning next Monday at the Treasurer’s Office. County taxes help to keep the County Government, schools, townships, etc in operation.


The Commissioners want to thank everyone who has been using the safety measures, and for your patience and understanding during this very unusual period of time for all of us. We must overcome this illness and we will overcome by all of us working together to conquer the Virus. Thank you for your help and assistance.



Clay County Commissioners Bryan Allender, Marty Heffner, and Paul Sinders