Pandemic Closure

The Clay County Commissioners have announced that the Courthouse and all county offices/departments are open to the public; however, everyone entering a county facility MUST wear a face mask.  As the Governor mandated the wearing of face masks in all buildings during his news conference last Wednesday, face masks will be required to enter the Courthouse and all other county offices and departments until further notice.  Faced masks are being required for the protection of the public and for the county employees.  We want to maintain and promote the safety and health of our citizens and our employees.

The Governor emphasized the need for everyone to wear face masks both inside buildings and outside when social distancing cannot be achieved to reduce the spread of the Virus.  Unfortunately, the number of Virus cases have increased in the State of Indiana and in Clay County.

We all need to do our part to help reduce the spread of this terrible disease.  Studies have shown that face masks are effective in the control of the Virus.  Wearing a face mask will not cause any harm to our body.  

The Commissioners are asking and encouraging everyone to wear a face mask wherever you go until the Governor determines, based on data, that face masks are no longer a requirement for us to wear.  If the number of cases continue to rise, businesses may be forced to close once again which we do not want to happen; therefore, all of us must do our part to control the spread of the Virus.

As the Governor stated firmly on Wednesday, the Virus is still with us and will continue to be with us.  It is our job and responsibility to do whatever we can to reduce the spread of this terrible disease.  We all must do our part. 

The Governor and the Doctors encouraged everyone to wash our hands often, to use hand sanitizers whenever needed and available, and to keep social distancing whenever possible both inside and outside of buildings.  We cannot assume we are immune to the Virus and will not contract it or spread it to someone else in our family, workplace, school, church, or elsewhere.

The Governor said he realizes that not everyone will agree with his new mandate, but he feels strongly this is the next step needed to attempt to slow the spread of the Virus.  The next step could very well be the re-closing of some businesses once again which we all do not want to happen.

May each of us in Clay County do our part to slow down the spread of the Virus.  We all need to do our part to make sure our County and State is on the right road to help ensure the slowing of the Virus as much as possible.

Clay County Commissioners