Pandemic Closure

The Commissioners, with the help of many other people and agencies, have been closely monitoring the Virus situation. Some of us have been a part of several conference calls with both state and federal agencies to keep abreast of the latest news and updates on the Virus in addition to receiving many e-mails providing us facts and information.


After careful evaluation and discussion with several individuals, both inside and outside of the County, we believe we should now close the Courthouse and all County Offices to the general public. This will be effective tomorrow morning, Friday, March 20, 2020, and until further notice. We will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation, but we do not foresee the opening of our facilities to the general public in the next several days.


During this time, all county employees will be expected to report to work as scheduled. If anyone does not report to their facility for work, they shall take a sick day, vacation day, personal leave day, or comp time if available. We need to be fair and consistent with everyone.


We will post on the east and west doors of the Courthouse the phone numbers for all offices located in the Courthouse.


The customer may also e-mail you or use the county web-site.


We want to service and accommodate the general public whenever they need our help as much as possible. If a customer needs to talk with someone in a particular office, they may call the office. Hopefully, you can help and take care of their concerns/questions over the phone. If they need to come to the Courthouse to give you a paper, we would ask/suggest that someone from your office would go to the Courthouse door or county office door, meet them and take their paper or form. Take it back to your office to do the paper work while the customer returns to his/her car or waits outside of the door. We plan to provide hand sanitizers on a small table inside each door for you to use at any time.


We realize, in a very few cases, someone may need to enter the Courthouse to do work or for some other reason. This will be up to each office on how you handle this situation. Again, we want to be reasonable and accommodate the customer whenever possible and when feasible to do so. You may or may not always be able to do this.


EXCEPTION: The Clay County Circuit and Superior Courts will remain in operation. Non-essential cases will be rescheduled at the Court’s discretion. The Judges will limit the number of people who attend Court proceedings to the minimum. Access to the Courts by those authorized by the Judges will be handled through the Court staff and/or Courthouse security by using the East door of the Courthouse.


Thank you for your patience, assistance, and understanding.


Commissioners Bryan Allender, Marty Heffner, and Paul Sinders